We wanted to provide some video clips of past and present dogs during the training process. The intent is not to demonstrate mastery for the dogs and/or their trainers, but to show various stages of progression of the training and some of the activities and locations where training is conducted. You will see different levels of praise/reward based on the mastery level the dog has achieved at the time. We hope you enjoy! For many more sample videos please visit our Facebook page or our Instagram page @BarktoBasics101.

S - Socialization O - Obedience PA - Public Access T - Task training SDiT- Service Dog in Training

LEarning to walk on a leash.

WORking on persistence with scent training and practicing nudging other areas besides the hands as an alert.

Diabetic Alert dog in training - Public access training of this diabetic alert dog in training.


(SDiT) OBedience training - Bed command (Also known as the Place command)


EArly Socialization training with week old puppy


TAsk training - Scent discrimination exercise. Searching for the tin that has an out of range glucose scent in it.


(SDiT) PUblic access training - sound sensitivity in the refrigerated grocery area of a store.


OBedience training - practicing the Back command


OBedience training - practicing recall while off leash


SOcialization - Grooming comfort level


OBedience training - Practicing the Sit and Down commands

LEarning to walk on a leash.

THese two are working on maintaining a down stay with a shopping cart going past them.

Diabetic Alert dog in training - public access training at the mall - Stay


(SDiT) OBedience training - Down Stay with handler movement around her.


SOcialization training with puppies - Introduction and exploration of new object. Soft textured objects and some make sounds


TAsk training - Scent Detection/Awareness and alerting with by pawing to the detection of an out of range glucose scent.


OBedience training - Sit and Down command differentiation without hand commands


OBedience training - Practicing the Leave It command with food as a distraction.


SOcialization training - Exposure to new object that she can go into


(SDiT) - PUblic Access training - Appropriate behavior in an elevator. Elevator has blue lighting and a textured bottom.


OBedience training - Reinforcement of many commands while off leash.

SCent training practice in public.

Diabetic Alert dog in training - Public access with sound sensitivity & distractions


LOading up into a vehicle practice.

SOcialization training with puppies - Introduction and exploration of new object. Hard texture, object larger than puppy, going inside and object.


TAsk training - Detecting out of range glucose scent and nudging as an alert.


OBedience Training - Maintaining a Down Stay with object moving around him & sound sensitivity


OBedience training - Maintaining a Sit Stay with cars as a distraction & sound sensitivity


SOcialization - Sound and motion sensitivity to a vacuum cleaner


TAsk training - Detection of an out of range glucose level in an outdoor environment. Pawing as an alert.


TAsk Training - Detecting to an out of range high glucose level by pawing as an alert.