Bark to Basics Canine Obedience Center, LLC


Bark to Basics Canine Obedience Center, LLC  offers many services dedicated to improving the canine owner experience through teaching about owner leadership and canine obedience training. This includes training on puppy socialization and home manners, basic and advanced canine obedience, public access training, and service dog training. Our classes are taught to assist owners in training their pets to prepare for taking the AKC Canine Good Citizen family of examinations, in receiving training that will enhance their bond with their dog, and in providing dogs with basic obedience training making them pleasurable companions to live with. We are also committed to the training of high quality service dogs for individuals with a disability. 

At Bark to Basics Canine Obedience Center, LLC we believe in the following principles:

Through quality education and training, canine owners can develop the necessary skills to provide leadership in the owner-pet relationship. Such leadership provides for a safe and comfortable environment for their canine and allows for a relationship of confidence and trust to be established.

Through motivational training, leadership, and consistency, canines can develop the skills and obedience necessary to create an improved owner-canine experience.

Through a collaborative approach between trainers and customers, the most effective canine and service animal training is achieved.