Our Philosophy

Bark to Basics Canine Obedience Center, LLC is a small business comprised of independent trainers with a shared philosophy and vision on dog training. We believe that by remaining a small business, we can offer quality training to our dogs as well as the best customer service to our clients. As trainers at Bark to Basics Canine Obedience Center, LLC we share common values and ethics related to what we do. We come from business, education, and dog training backgrounds which allow us to provide a unique service dog training program. We are dedicated to providing a quality service dog training program and to preparing the client to be a service dog handler. We believe that educating and training our clients is vital to the long-term success of the service dog team.

We strive to be cost effective and efficient allowing us to provide a quality trained service dog at a reasonable price to our clients. We are not a business focused on sales. We consider our primary role to be educators and trainers. This belief shapes our focus and way of doing business. Our shared values are based on being transparent in our business transactions, training methods, and philosophy. We understand that making the decision to have a service dog can be difficult and we are dedicated to providing our potential clients with the necessary information to make an informed decision for them and their family. We want to be of service to our clients, not just in the sales process, but for the long term.

We know that training methods vary across the profession. We use methods that have proven successful and that meet the learning needs of the individual dog in training. We have a balanced approach to training that focuses on positive learning for the dog and utilizes the least resistant methods when correction is needed. We believe that by providing each dog we train with love, a positive and safe atmosphere, and quality care, while at the same time establishing boundaries and being consistent in expectations for each dog, the greatest level of success can be achieved. We continually further our own education and knowledge to remain current in best practices related to service dog training.

We know the importance of effective communication and understand the significance of being accessible to our clients. We encourage our clients to ask questions, share concerns, and participate in the learning process. Our clients are not just customers; they are a part of our family organization.