Obedience Programs

Diabetic Alert Dog in Training: Sit Stay

Obedience training allows the owner and dog to learn the skills needed in order to establish leadership, foster communication, and build and/or strengthen their relationship.

Obedience training lays the foundation of ground rules for the dogs behavior at home, in public, and expectations when around other dogs, animals, and people whom they've never met before.

Classes include: AKC Puppy STAR, AKC Canine Good Citizen, and AKC Urban CGC.



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Service Dog Training

Service animals are animals that are trained to perform special tasks that aid their owners with their disability.

Diabetic alert dogs are medical assistance dogs that have been specifically trained to use their keen sense of smell to identify the changes in blood chemistry that occur in blood glucose levels. Dogs are trained to alert their owners to these changes prior to symptoms occurring.

Psychiatric service dogs (PSD) are medical assistance dogs that have been trained to do tasks that assist their handler with a psychiatric disability or a mental disability. The services that these dogs perform vary greatly depending upon the condition that they are specifically trained to work with. Service dogs of this type have training to detect the onset of psychiatric events and respond to lessen the severity of the episode, shorten its duration, or to seek help when necessary.

Various Service dog training options are available. Options include:

  • Obedience training

  • Public access training

  • Glucose scent training/Task training

  • Individuals wanting to self train their own diabetic alert dog/PSD, yet wanting the support of a certified dog trainer

  • Phase One/ Phase Two diabetic alert dog training or Psychiatric service dog

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Board and Train Programs

The Board and Train program is an ideal solution for owners wanting their dogs trained while they are away on vacation or business. It is also a wonderful option for those with busy schedules and desire to have their dog obedience trained without having to attend weekly training sessions. Our trainers focus on obedience training and/or dog behavior modification problems that need to be addressed.

Our Board and Train program allows the dog to receive  care and training in a way that will lay the foundation for long term success.


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"I can't believe how well behaved Rex is! We can actually go for a walk without him pulling my arm off, he no longer jumps on me when I walk in the door, and he is just so much calmer and easier to control. ” ~ Cynthia S.

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